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Partnership Opportunities

The Indigenous Suicide Prevention Forum is a community driven event presented by the Australian Indigenous Psychologist’s Association (AIPA) and Aventedge. This forum will gather community, grassroots organisations, leading government representatives, ACCHOs, mainstream not-for-profits, PHNs, councils and activists to achieve solutions to the challenges facing Indigenous mental health and wellbeing.

Our partnership opportunities for this forum will help fund the attendance of Indigenous community members from remote locations, as well as non-funded community organisations. It’s also a great opportunity to hear from expert speakers, contribute to the suicide prevention conversation, and plan actionable solutions.


Proceeds will also extend to the wider communities in which your organisation operates, and in which sponsored attendees live, ensuring that the forum conversation is truly national and reflective of different voices and experiences.


If lending your name and support to this cause is of interest, please contact to discuss the various partnership packages available.

Aventedge Indigenous Conference Brisbane Mar 23-43.JPG

Why Partner?

Our nation is large and the problems that contribute to Indigenous suicide are immense. Your partnership can help by allowing The Indigenous Suicide Prevention Forum to be a truly inclusive and impactful event that helps saves lives.

Provide remotely located Indigenous community members, smaller First

Nations not-for-profits, and members of nonfunded organisations the chance to hear from and contribute to a national discussion on Indigenous suicide prevention.

Strengthen your reputation as a leading supporter of Indigenous and reconciliation issues

Present your sponsored delegates with the opportunity to take what they have learned from the forum and embed it within their own workplaces and communities

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